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Ryan White Program

Ryan Program at New Bedford Community Health

Your Health is our Priority

At New Bedford Community Health (NBCH), our staff is dedicated to providing access to the most current, high-quality HIV/AIDS care in a compassionate environment—a place where everyone can feel welcome and respected.

Providing compassionate, comprehensive care and support to people in New Bedford and surrounding communities living with HIV is one of our highest priorities. The Ryan White HIV/AIDS program makes this possible.

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What Is the Ryan White HIV/Aids Grant Program?

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program is a federally funded program that provides HIV-related services in the United States for those who do not have sufficient health care coverage or financial resources for coping with HIV disease. The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program exists to make sure you or your loved ones living with HIV can always receive the best care and support, regardless of your ability to pay or insurance status.

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The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program at NBCH can provide you with:

  • Primary Care
  • Dental Services
  • Medication Adherence Support
  • Mental Health Services
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Nutrition Services
  • Health Insurance Premium and Copay Assistance
  • Case management

NBCH patients enrolled in the Ryan White program are provided high-quality health and social services by a multidisciplinary team observing the strictest standards of confidentiality in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner.

HIV Primary Care

New Bedford Community Health (NBCH) provides HIV primary care services for patients at our Dr. Laurel Miller Center within our facility. The HIV primary care clinics allow HIV patients to be seen in a primary care office setting alongside other patients seeking care at the location. This provides our patients with anonymity and the comfort of receiving care in a traditional office setting.

Our physicians and nurse practitioner are specially trained to provide routine medical care services to all populations, and they are highly experienced in HIV treatment, PrEP, and transgender health. This means that our providers treat the whole person and their medical conditions, not just HIV.

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