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Interpreter Services

We Speak Your Language

New Bedford Community Health represents and serves all of the people who make up New Bedford and our surrounding communities. At New Bedford Community Health, we strive daily to provide care that is not only high in quality but also culturally sensitive. Communication in a patient’s native language enables him or her to become a proactive part of managing his or her own care.

The Use of Interpreter Services Is Completely Free to Patients.

Many of our patients are best served in a language other than English. At NBCH, we know how important it is to communicate your healthcare needs. The need to understand information, diagnoses, and directions accurately is crucial before making medical decisions that affect one’s own treatment or that of a loved one.

More than 40% of our staff are bilingual, and many speak more than two languages. We have on-site interpreters at all times who speak many languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, and Cape Verdean Creole.

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When we cannot provide in-person translation, we use a telephone service that connects the patient and provider to a trained medical interpreter who speaks the patient’s preferred language.

Interpreter services are provided at no cost to patients, family members, and companions involved in patient care. If you would like to have a medical interpreter at your upcoming appointment, you will need to request this service from our patient registration staff, notify your provider when scheduling the appointment, or simply let your healthcare team know at any time.