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Patients' Rights & Responsibilities

Your Rights And Responsibilities

New Bedford Community Health recognizes and respects each of our patients’ rights following federal and state laws and our community standards. Below is a summary of your rights and responsibilities as a patient of New Bedford Community Health. Please understand that there may be times where patient rights are restricted for clinical reasons to protect the safety of our patients or the safety of others.

As a Patient of New Bedford Community Health, You Have the Right To:

  • Receive considerate and respectful care regardless of your sex, age, race, religion, color, national origin, or sexual orientation, or any other personal characteristics, including the primary source of payment for your care.
  • Be treated with consideration of your emotional, spiritual, and cultural needs.
  • Be fully informed of what services are available at New Bedford Community Health, including after-hours and emergency care, and fees for all services.
  • Know how to reach your providers after hours: call our main line 508-992-6553 at any time to reach a provider on-call.

As a Patient of New Bedford Community Health, It Is My Responsibility To:

  • Participate in my own healthcare and treatment.
  • Provide, to the best of my knowledge, accurate information about present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, and other matters related to my health.
  • Ask questions when I do not understand my care, treatment, or services, or what I am expected to do.
  • Follow and express concern about my ability to follow the plan of care, treatment, or services.
  • Accept my share of the responsibility for the outcomes of care, treatment, or services if I do not follow the plan.
  • Keep all my scheduled appointments. I will give 24 hours’ notice if I am unable to keep a scheduled appointment. After three repeat missed appointments, I may not be allowed to make another appointment at New Bedford Community Health.
  • Know and understand my health insurance plan.
  • Meet any financial obligations agreed to with New Bedford Community Health.
  • Follow New Bedford Community Health’s policies and procedures.
  • Treat the staff at New Bedford Community Health with courtesy and respect.
  • Be considerate of New Bedford Community Health’s staff and property, as well as other patients and their property.
  • Use respectful language when speaking in the Health Center or while speaking on the phone to NBCH staff.
  • Use a normal tone of voice when speaking with staff.
  • Not use threatening, loud, or otherwise offensive language or hate speech.
  • Not carry, use, or display firearms, knives, or weaponry of any kind while at New Bedford Community Health.
  • Refrain from inappropriate, aggressive, violent, or any unwelcome physical contact.
  • Refrain from smoking, vaping, or using any tobacco products while at New Bedford Community Health.
  • Refrain from using any alcohol, marijuana, or any recreational drugs prior to my appointment or while on the grounds of New Bedford Community Health.
  • Not film, photograph, or otherwise record in patient areas without prior consent.
  • Not film, photograph, or otherwise record any staff members without prior consent.
  • Not share identifying information about patients and staff on social media or elsewhere.

Failure to meet these responsibilities may result in a patient no longer being able to receive services at New Bedford Community Health.

In the event you have a complaint regarding your care or if you have a question concerning your rights and responsibilities as a patient, please call (508) 992-6553 and ask to speak to the Patient Care Advocate.

No person shall be denied treatment, which is available or medically indicated, on the basis of age, sex, race, color, creed, nationality, origin, or handicap.