Patient Rights and Responsibilities

In an Emergency, CALL 911


  1. Choose your doctor or nurse
  2. Get a bill with a list of charges
  3. Know the names and jobs of the people who take care of you
  4. Have your records seen only by your doctor or nurse
  5. Get an answer quickly when you ask something
  6. Know how we work with other places to take care of you
  7. Get a copy of our patient rules
  8. Know about free and low cost health care
  9. See your records and get a copy of them
  10. Say no to having students or observers help take care of you
  11. Say no to being in research or education projects
  12. Be alone with your doctor or nurse when they treat you
  13. Be treated right away if you might die, even if you don't have insurance or cannot pay
  14. Know the facts about any test or treatment before you say yes to it
  15. Get copies of bills we send to other places that take care of you
  16. Know how your doctor works with the other places that take care of you-including if he or she is paid by them
  17. Get copies of bills to or payments from your insurer or health care program
  18. For patients with breast cancer, to be told about all the ways it can be treated
  19. For patients getting breast implants, to be told about all the risks
  20. For women having a baby, to know the facts about all the things we may do during labor and birth
  21. Get help with pain.
  22. Know how to reach your providers after hours: call our main line 508-992-6553 at any time to reach a provider on-call.


The Greater New Bedford Community Health/Dental Center wants to provide every patient with good quality health care. It is important that all patients become a partner with the health care providers by taking the following responsibilities:
Provide complete medical information about present health problems, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications and other matters regarding my health.

  • Ask questions about any part of my medical care that I do not understand.
  • State concerns about my ability to follow the treatment plan.
  • Keep appointments when referred to other physicians.
  • Follow medical treatment plans or take responsibility for results if plans not followed.
  • Call the Health/Dental Center at least 24 hours in advance if unable to keep scheduled appointment.
  • Be courteous and respectful of the rights of other patients and Health/Dental Center staff.
  • Respect Health/Dental Center and other persons' property.
  • Know and understand my health insurance plan.
  • Payment to the Health/Dental Center at the time of service.
  • Observe the Health/Dental Center's No Smoking and No Weapons Policy.
  • Keep all scheduled appointments. After three repeat missed appointments, a patient may not be allowed to make another appointment at the Health/Dental Center.

Failure to meet these responsibilities may result in my no longer being able to receive services at the Greater New Bedford Community Health/Dental Center.

Notice of Privacy Practice

Any individual who has concerns regarding patient care or safety at the Greater New Bedford Community Health Center is encouraged to contact our Patient Care Advocate at 508-992-6553 extension 154.