GNBCHC's Healthcare Call Center

GNBCHC's Healthcare Call Center

Improving Patient Care One Call at a Time

You called, we listened. Our call center team is here to better serve your needs in real time. That means less waiting times and a better patient experience. Our staff is trained to help serve your needs by setting up appointments, assisting with prescription refill requests, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Call Center?

The call center is your first line of contact here at the Greater New Bedford Community Health Center. Our call center staff is here to assist you in any way possible including directing your calls to our departments triage nurse.

How does the call center work?

As your first line of contact here at GNBCHC when you call our phone number (508) 992-6553 you will automatically be connected to a member of the call centers staff.

Next the staff member will ask you for your name, date of birth, and any other identifying information so that they can better serve you by seeing who your PCP is, if there are any referrals needed, prescription refill requests, setting up appointments, insurance verification, and more!

If you are calling with a medical issue the call center will direct you to the call center triage nurse who will be able to assist you.

What does the call center triage nurse do?

The call center's triage nurse is here to assist you when you call GNBCHC with an acute medical problem. They will ask you about your signs, symptoms, and length of time of the issue to better assess how to help you. They are able to give medical advice and suggest whether you need to been seen at Urgent Care or if you need to go to the nearest Emergency Room.

Why does the call center have its own nurse and why can't I speak to my regular nurse?

The call center has its own triage nurse so that you the patient can be served more quickly and efficiently. For example if you are patient calling because you are short of breath, the call center's triage nurse will be able to quickly assist you, provide you with medical advice, and direct you to where you should go for care.

If I speak to a call center triage nurse how will my doctor know that I called and why I called?

All interactions with our call center's triage nurse are sent to your provider or nurse so that they have your most up to date information and can review them. If you are calling with an issue that is not time sensitive your interaction will be sent to your provider or nurse and they will be able to call you back with any other questions and recommendations needed.

Can I make an appointment?

Yes, the call center staff can schedule appointments for you.

Can I refill my prescription over the phone?

Yes, the call center staff can help you to have your prescription filled.

Why can't I speak to my doctor and/or a nurse?

Our healthcare team is often very busy seeing patients that are here at the Health Center. By speaking to the call center's staff or triage nurse you are getting the response in a timely fashion over the phone without having to wait for someone to pick up or call you back.

Why did this process change?

The call center's staff is here to assist you in a more timely and efficient fashion. Our new process has been put into place to better assist you in real time when you need it most.