Pediatric Medicine located in New Bedford

Partnering with Parents to Raise Healthy Children Since 1981

Healthcare providers at the George Karousos Pediatric Center of NBCH are committed to advancing the health of infants, children, and adolescents through quality healthcare practices specific to your child's individual needs. The Pediatrics department provides a wide variety of services that are administered by a highly skilled, compassionate, and reliable healthcare team. Your child will not only be treated by a trustworthy medical provider, they will also gain a reliable advocate for their health and well-being.

Pediatric services at the New Bedford Community Health include:
•Primary care
•Well child and sick child visits
•Nutritional counseling
•Dental services
•Adolescent gynecological and reproductive health services
•Breastfeeding support
•School and camp physicals
•Laboratory and radiology services
•Insurance benefits consultation
•Onsite WIC program and Healthy Weight Initiative for ages 2-18 years who have a BMI > 85%.

To make an appointment, call 508-992-6553 and ask to make an appointment for your child in the Pediatrics department.

The Healthy Weight Initiative

NBCH is now offering clinic appointments for pediatric patients (ages 2-18 years old) who have a BMI > 85%.

Eligible patients will have a comprehensive intake visit with our Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Health Center Nutritionist, and HWI Case Manager. Patients will come in for monthly follow-up visits to receive support and to evaluate their progress.

Goals of the HWI:
•Teach healthy lifestyle habits
•Increasing daily & weekly exercise time
•Increase vegetable consumption
•Reduce sweetened drinks consumption
•Cut back on video and Internet time
•Provide support and encouragement for behavior modification to all participants and their parents

Partners in this program include Mass in Motion KIDS, New Bedford YMCE, and New Bedford Schools.

To make an appointment at the Wellness Center, call 508-992-6553.

For assistance after normal business hours call our 24/7 on-call service to reach an on-call provider at (508) 992-6553. For emergencies please call 911!

Pediatrics Providers:

•Jess Mitchell - Interim Director of Pediatrics
•Heather Goddard, MD
•Amelia Monteiro, MD
•Susan Mahoney, MD
•Dana Bernbach, NP
•Eun Ji Jang, MD