Greater New Bedford Community Health Center
Contact: Lois Curley, [email protected], 508-984-8401 ext.182

The Board of Directors of the Greater New Bedford Community Health Center is pleased to announce that Mr. Daniel Bertoldo has been named as the Interim CEO of the center. Mr. Bertoldo has been a board member with the health center for more than 24 years and served as the Chairman of the Board for over 3 years. Mr. Bertoldo is a lifelong New Bedford resident, and has dedicated his career to providing services for those people most in need throughout several Massachusetts' communities. His past employment includes 33 years at the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance and 7 years of part-time employment at the New Bedford Crisis Center. Mr. Bertoldo has a BA in Sociology, an MA in Psychology and a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Eleanor Lewis, the Chair of the Board, stated that both the board and the Center's senior staff were thrilled that Mr. Bertoldo stepped up to take the six-month Interim CEO position. "He played a vital role in keeping operations running smoothly while the CEO transitioned out of his role earlier in the year." She stated "his new role will help prevent glitches from arising from the recent changes in leadership." Ms. Lewis reported that staff members at the Center were consulted prior to Mr. Bertoldo taking the position and their support of Mr. Bertoldo was absolutely unanimous.

Mr. Bertoldo said he was looking forward to continuing to ensure the successful operation of the Center and that thus far, things had been running efficiently.

In connection with the changes in the leadership of the Center, Mr. Bertoldo also reported that Senior Vice President Marie A. Bacon has given her notice that she will be leaving her position with the Health Center effective May 16, 2016. Bacon has worked in various capacities at the Health Center since 1990 including Human Resources Representative, Human Resources Director, and Vice President of Human Resources. Daniel Bertoldo said "[o]n behalf of the Board and staff of the Health Center, we are very grateful for Marie's contributions to the growth of the Health Center and the services it offers to the people of Greater New Bedford." He reported that he was grateful that, "like Peter [Georgeopoulous], Marie made sure her departure was not a surprise and has been willing to help with the transition."

Ms. Bacon explained that with Peter Georgeopoulous leaving, "I believe it is the right time for me to move on as well." Bacon and Georgeopoulos worked together at the Health Center for more than twenty years. Bacon further stated, "[w]hile I've greatly enjoyed working at the Health Center and being part of its growth, this opportunity presented itself and will allow us to live closer to my immediate family. I wish nothing but the best for the Health Center and those I've considered family for the past 26 years." Bacon reported she is planning a move out of state in the near future to relocate closer to some of her immediate family members. In the interim, Bacon will be helping transition her role at the Center.

The Health Center commented that it has engaged a search firm to help fill Ms. Bacon's soon-to-be empty position and that a committee of the Board has been formed to start the search for the Center's permanent CEO.