Dental Health

Dental Health

Dental Care for the Entire Family - Located in New Bedford

Did you know that smiling changes your brain chemistry to the point that it leads you to feel actual happiness, joy, or amusement? Smiles are crucial to leading a healthy happy life!

The Dental staff at the New Bedford Community Health Center wants to help you improve your health by brightening that smile by keeping your teeth healthy. Individuals of all ages are eligible to receive impeccable dental care services at the Dental Center at NBCH. The Dental Center offers the following services:

•Preventative dental care
•Restorative dental care
•Emergency dental care

The Dental staff is culturally diverse speaking Spanish, Portuguese, and English.


To make an appointment at the NBCH Dental Center, call 508-984-7031

Dental Providers:

•Marshall Montgomery, DMD - Director of Dental
•Trung Doan, DDS
•Dawn West, DMD
•Luis Cohen Rubin, DDS., MSc.